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WedGees make your glasses fit Perfectly, Comfortably, & Securely!

Here's our Web Special: Buy 2 pairs of WedGees and we will send you a free bonus pair of Wedgees, and give you free shipping in the USA (normally $1.50)!

International customers will get the free pair of Wedgees with a per order shipping and handling charge of $3.50

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Your Price: $5.95
Riveted WedGees
Riveted WedGees
Your Price: $5.95
Oversized WedGees
Oversized WedGees
Your Price: $5.95

WedGees keep poorly fitting glasses where they belong - even during extreme sports and are not affected by heat, cold, or moisture.

Here are 12 benefits to help you decide.

  1. Your glasses stop slipping instantly.
  2. They are gentle, soft, and comfortable.
  3. No straps, no cords, and no uncomfortable, sticky nose pads.
  4. WedGees work with all your eyewear: prescription glasses, safety glasses, and sunglasses.
  5. The soft neoprene relieves temple arm pressure.
  6. Wedgees work in any conditions: hot or cold; wet or dry; work or play.
  7. WedGees are easy to customize for a perfect fit.
  8. Wedgees keep even heavy or uneven glasses in place
  9. These tiny gadgets fit discreetly (almost invisibly) behind your ears.
  10. WedGees are available in your favorite colors--and black.
  11. They work great for keeping children's glasses in place.
  12. Wedgees come with an unconditional, 100%, money-back guarantee.

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