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A few words from our customers:

 “....I've never been able to find any thing like WedGees eyeglass glove any where. When one has trifocals it is very trying with your eyeglass slipping and you are looking thru the wrong vision. Thanks to the person who invented these , I'm very grateful.”
- Ruth Sandstrom.

“....Wow! is all I can say. I've fought the sliding glasses thing all of my adult life; bending, twisting, cleaning my frames...and it's never really done the job. I was about ready to give up wearing glasses all together when I stumbled onto Wedgees...what a life saver! Both myself and my wife could not believe it when we slipped such a simple looking thing onto our glasses... We did the head shake test and we can say that Wedgees work! Thank you so much for this product! Sincerely ”
- Bob and Leigh Pavich

“....I have had the privilege of distributing WedGees eyewear accessories to the seniors to see how they liked them. They LOVED them because THEY WORK! It made me feel so good to be helping these seniors with an age-old problem. I sincerely feel EVERY MEMBER of AARPS deserves to know about this fantastic eyeglass glove that works and a product which so many seniors truly need.”
- Dolores E. B. (California)

“....With WedGees I hope to kill two birds with one stone. I will be wearing glasses more, so no more awful headaches. I'll be seeing what I've been missing since my hand won't be in front of my face pushing my glasses up.”
- Kathy P.

"....Now that I use WedGees eyeglass accessories my glasses don't slip down on my nose. This is the greatest thing invented since ice cream. I've told all my friends and they can't wait till their on the market to buy theirs.”
- Madeleine F.

“....Thank you for the eyeglass glove. They were given to my Nannie and she sent them to me. You see I'm just four years old and have worn glasses since I was 18 months old. I am very, very active and the eyeglass glove keeps my glasses from slipping down my nose. My Mommy and Daddy think they are great too. Thanks again..”
- Dylan Lee S.

“....I also want to thank you for this great eyewear retainer. I do secretarial work five days a week an am constantly looking down at my desk. They do keep one's glasses from sliding downward.”
- Dylan's Nannie
- Bonnie R. S.

“....I received my WedGees in the mail today. I am a industrial mechanic and rely on wearing prescription safety glasses while at work. I wear Oakley prescription glasses when not at work and will never own any other brand of glasses as long as they are in business because of the fit and comfort, but Oakley does not make prescription safety glasses so I am forced to wear the AO glasses that my company springs for. I had tried everything to keep them from sliding down my nose... I got titanium frames and silicone nose pads and had adjusted the nose and ear pieces a hundred different times to get them not to slide, but sweat plus side shields equals sliding. As soon as I put the eyeglass glove on, I knew I had found the answer. They fit completely differently now. I can't get them to slide at all. The neoprene 'wedges' and grips. So simple a concept and yet surprisingly comfortable. My five bucks was well spent. No more migraines from glasses constantly sliding and having to be pushed back in place, not to mention the eye strain. Thanks a million.
- John Versheldon

“....For the last 10 weeks I have been using WedGees glasses retainer because of my glasses slipping. As one whom wear glasses constantly throughout the day, I have noticed a measurable increase in personal comfort. The absence of any eyeglass slippage has resulted in the elimination of constant eye strain an the accompanying headaches. I have found WedGees to be a fantastic addition to my eyewear accessories, a simple solution to a nuisance that was accepted as a “fact of life” for those who wear eyeglasses. Thanks for a wonderful product!”
- Ralph Snyder

"....This letter is my personal “Thank You” for my eyeglass cords and glasses retainer I am now wearing. They're fantastic!! My eyeglasses are, unfortunately too big for me. They have frequently fallen off my face whenever I made the slightest turn of my head. Now during my lectures, housework and anytime I try to emphatically make my point, I can feel confident that my glasses will stay in place, as well as, look coordinated with my wardrobe. Thanks again for making my life a lot easier with your , soon to be most popular, eyeglass wedges.”
- Dr. Grace D.